Exclusive: Chaplow nearing Millwall move after Lomas talks

© Keith Gillard

© Keith Gillard

MILLWALL are closing in on the signing of former loanee Richard Chaplow.

The Southampton midfielder is scheduled to have a medical at the Lions' training ground on Thursday following successful talks with manager Steve Lomas on Tuesday.

NewsAtDen revealed last week that Chaplow was on his way out of St Mary's - and Lomas has moved quickly to verbally agree a two-year contract with the 28-year-old.

The former Burnley man was also wanted by Birmingham but has decided that his future lies at The Den, where he spent a brief spell last season.

Lomas stepped up his interest in Chaplow after talks with another target, Nicky Bailey, ground to a halt. But Liam Trotter's injury, which will see him miss the start of the season, means that Millwall's interest in the former Middlesbrough midfielder remains alive.

Lomas said yesterday: "We're not going to bring in ten players before the start of the season but we're probably looking to sign four or five.

"Martyn Woolford can play centre midfield - I've seen him play on the left of a three - and Jack Smith can play in there. It's not like we're desperate but we're looking to bring in players that progress the team, it's as simple as that."


  1. lion.ie says:

    Now we're talking!


  2. REAL Supporter says:

    Good lad Chaplow. Brilliant that he wants to come to us rather than the likes of Birmingham.
    Presumably, Bailey is hanging out for a bigger club? If so, he can go forth and multiply.
    Trotter? I thought he was only out for the first six weeks of the season not all of it!


  3. Kennyp says:

    Now this is the sort of signing we should be going all out for. Get Chaplow in and other quality players will follow. Will be over the moon with this signing. COYL!!!!


  4. colin66 says:

    Now we are going in the right direction,Well done Mr Lomas,Next player please


  5. Barnlion says:

    Well done Steve Lomas get him signed a.s.a.p. be good to see him at Crawley this Saturday, all we need now is another front man I see he is looking at Waghorn ? and there is still some rubbish disposal required at the den before the start of the season, well done SL your saying and doing all the right things.


  6. sunflyfootball says:

    Great signing hope it all goes to plan. With Ethrington on his way and maybe Waghorn the team looks a lot stronger already. Steve lomas seems to be getting there roll on August 4th. COYL


    • manclion says:

      @sunflyfootball: Etherington move is not going to happen, and although he's real quality, I think Martin was a much better and cheaper option. Lomas has set a target of 8th-9th, he's not going to bankrupt the club with his wages unless a serious promotion bid was on the cards.


      • sunflyfootball says:

        @manclion: lol watch this space mate one of us will be eating our words lol. That rumour about Etherington come straight from a niece of a season ticket holder who works at millwall offices. Stoke and millwall are paying half each on his wages. We will see,if I'm wrong I will post on here and vice versa. COYL !!!!!


  7. Strood Lion says:

    this guy brought us quality last time around we wouldnt have been at the wrong end of the table should he have stayed fit. great work Shaggy


  8. the ref says:

    I haven't been this excited about the start of the season in years. Even my 69 year old Mum has decided her disability which kept her away last season won't keep her away this! COYL!


  9. glyngo says:

    I better get my '10 great recipes for hats' book out as I never thought he would come to us. As for Bailey, the prat doesn't want to play for us, it's so clear! lets not waste our money on a big time Charlie and lets get someone who values the shirt instead.


  10. glenwetherall says:

    Great News, thought he was very good last season before the injury. Looking forward to seeing him at Crawley on Saturday!


  11. manclion says:

    Better signing than Bailey in my opinion. I'm convinced if this lad hadn't got injured we'd have stayed up with a couple of games to go. Might be asking too much to bring in Bailey too, but we really need to offload a few deadweights in the squad, the obvious names of course as well try and fish Marquis out on loan. After the dross we've had come in (excl Shittu, Taylor and Wood) over the last two windows, it's great to see the club making the right moves on and off the pitch. maybe another loan signing and a striker and Wall are ready to surprise the Championship. COYL!!


  12. NO1LIKESUS says:

    Good news.


  13. Ermmm, i nearly p***** my pants when i read this, this morning.

    I think this is the progress that Berylson & Co was talking about 5 years ago, KJ come's in and steadied the ship, got us out of a hole and set up us for Championship but took us as far as he could. Next phase in development, Lomas comes in, a young hungry manager who better players clearly want to sign and play for ready for the next phase of the clubs development. I haven't seen such a turnaround in expectation's by our raggedy a***, rabble of supporters for a long time......

    I know we haven't kicked a ball yet and i should know better but Berylson & Co have seemed to of pulled off a masterstroke in signing Lomas.....Brilliant....COYL


    • @Windy: *us up


    • glyngo says:

      I was a KJ fan so I want to be clear that I am not knocking him, BUT when we signed him a remember that many Swansea fans were saying very similar things. No one had a bad word to say about KJ but they all said that he stabilised them and then it was clear that he had taken them as far as he could. Is it a coincidence that it happened all over again with us? Maybe KJ has found his niche? @Windy:


      • @glyngo: It could be? I have a lot of respect for KJ and i don't want what i said to be misunderstood as me knocking him, he done a sound job for us and I will always see him as one of the best managers we have had since Docherty. But maybe he has found he's niche as a trouble shooter ? good luck to him....Lets hope the coincidence continues and we can follow the Swansea development modal....


  14. Millwall1979 says:

    Fantastic not felt so good about start of season for ages, one more centre mid, a winger and striker and we are done I think !!


  15. Millwall1979 says:

    Wonder if he can have a word with billy sharp he would be a fantastic addition on a free


  16. Chaplow is having a medical at The Den this morning so fingers crossed!!!
    His experience, vision and attacking flair will be valuable additions to a midfield that was low on all three of those qualities last season.
    Chaplow and his wife set up a charity in April after their baby son died, so hopefully the Millwall family will rally round him and make it a successful 'fresh start'.
    Waghorn would also be an excellent signing. Leicester paid Sunderland £3million for him three years ago so at £500,000 I'd say he's a bargain!!!!


  17. lomas a ledgend says:

    Good morning my people, so I can see by your comments that you seem to like what I am trying to do with the team, I also want to make the den a place that no one likes to come to unlike last season, so with the backing of the Chairman I am still hopeful of getting a few quality players in and moving those who dont fit into my plans out.
    I am looking forward to the game on Saturday as you are and I am looking for a real Millwal type proformance from the team, but its still early days for me and the players as they have not seem every facet of my caricature yet, but if the preformance is a good one then they will see the mellow me, hope to see you there on Saturday.


  18. Sealion says:

    What a great start to the day. After a low news week I log on this morning and POW! what a great surprise,
    Exciting times being a MFC fan. Well done Stevie L. I don't know about a breath of fresh air, its more like a Tornado blowing through the club at the moment.


  19. Peckhamlad says:

    This site was very slow to upload this morning but it was worth the wait for this exciting news, I do not think SL is a person to sit on his laurels and Chaplow will not be his last signing and I expect he will not hesitate to strengthen the squad as the season progresses. I am loathe to write off any of the current squad because I think SL may be able to inspire and bring out the best qualities of them all. We may even see those few who had a bad seaon last time rise to the challenge and play like new signings.
    its about team building and spirit and I am sure that is what SL will be focusing on.
    Living 140 miles away from the den these days will put pressure on my wallet but now I Intend to get to more games than usual!


  20. NICKOLA says:

    Chaplow has signed. Waghorn would be an excellent acquisition but Lomas will need to find around 650k to get him and Bolton are already sniffing around. Bailey hanging on for more money but the clock is ticking and time may have run out for him. Davies at Bristol City I know little about, but it looks like it's either him or Waghorn. Going to be a good week.


  21. Strood Lion says:

    if Bailey is hanging out for more dosh then we dont want the ginger t***!! lets get players that want to be at MILLWALL


  22. Big Millwall says:

    Good news chaps!


  23. Richard Chaplow has just tweeted this "Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but as things stand I'm very much still a Southampton player"

    New it was too good to be true. Aldo, can you investigate this please?


  24. lukesmithmfc says:

    Wet spam or not if anyone is still unsure then I guess you'll never be happy.
    Like a pig in s*** I am.
    Bailey said he'll sign for a team that has ambition well, if signing chaplow is a lack of ambition then mr bailey you can do one me olde china.
    Good stuff wall another 2 or 3 should do us I reckon.


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