Football League chief defends Millwall after racism report

© Nathan Harris

© Nathan Harris

FOOTBALL League chairman Greg Clarke has defended Millwall's anti-racism track record after a Sky Sports News investigation unearthed abuse at The Den.

Undercover footage filmed at the Lions' home match against Leeds United in November showed an individual shouting racist jibes at striker El Hadji Diouf.

Millwall released a statement on Monday confirming they would launch an immediate investigation and the Metropolitan Police have stated they are aware of the footage.

Clarke, who was at the game in question in addition to the Lions' recent home match against Hull City, said he did not hear any racist abuse at the time.

He added: "We have to use every tool in our armour, be it CCTV, steward and player statements, to hunt down every racist at every football ground and make sure they never get in again.

"The club has worked very hard, and spent a lot of money, reaching out to people to improve them. Persecuting the club rather than the perpetrators is the wrong answer."


  1. TheBermondseyBomber says:

    Wow!! Well said GC!!


  2. Thank you Mr Clarke.


  3. Frankie90MFC says:

    Thank God! Finally somebody who is not interested in digging the knife in a little further and who is actually on our side!

    Get that man down the den and we can buy him a beer!


  4. Lets hope Ambler stands up for the club and to sky news and their biased agenda . . Ok he can't make excuses for the abuse but he can make the point that we have AGAIN been singled out by the media


  5. Adsy77777 says:

    There is some sense in the world!!! Cheers mate!


  6. Football League chairman Greg Clarke added: "There's two issues. One is we have to continue to work with the clubs on our anti-racism programmes which are agreed with the FA.
    "Secondly is the reticence of black players to come forward and feel comfortable in supporting it.
    "If we've created an environment that doesn't support black players in confronting this issue we've done something terribly wrong."

    Maybe if the players were directed to use the proper channels to report the abuse rather than using Twitter there would be a better chance of progress in these anti-racism programmes .


  7. Nice to see that powers that be are willing to give us a chance. Usually we would be thrown to the Wolves, and not that rubbish lot from near Birmingham!


  8. Nice to see someone using their noddle abit when discussing racism in football. The extreme minority that are what could be decribed as racist do not become so as they pass through the turntiles. Therefor football is not part of the problem and clubs should not be blamed for the actions of fans when, as Millwall have done, there have been such large and effective strides to eradicate it completely. Instead of falsly tarnishing football as a medium in which racism can flurish the powers that be should be trying to use it as a sollution to what is a social problem.

    Also in my books any player who spits at and verbally abuses fans isn't a great example for Sky to use when slagging off a club that has put invested the time and resources Millwall have.



  9. My link above sums this up fantastic


  10. lukesmithmfc says:

    Thank you mr Clark. Finally an athoritive figure with some common sence.
    Get real sky, how easy was that to investigate, I seem to remember west ham in a similar problem involving spurs and was it not so long ago spurs were doing it by the thousands against sol Campbell at pompey. at that time you - the press - went after the individuals and did not blame the clubs for being racist and how obvious a target was we when this season has been rife for it up and down the country, results are needed in our 150th yr of professional football to show we as a nation are leading the way against it. The terry and Suarez cases where an embarrassing failure and FIFA also messed up in the u21 case. the honest thing to do was to show the player/s and club/s involved and the police, fa, football league, pfa, and numerous campaigns against racism the evidence you compiled and ask them where do we go from here, we have individuals who have no defence for their actions so yes they deserve their punishment but we need to at the same time protect the clubs and their season ticket holders and members who go every week and have their clubs BEST interests at heart,cause racism in society is completely wrong but so is blaming everyone associated with the clubs involved
    I'm struggling to see what you were or are trying to prove if you ask people up and down this country to describe millwall fc in 3 words I'm pretty damn sure the word racist will be one of them. Mud sticks and you know it. Its a fact we have to live with yr after yr. I wonder if you - sky - are no different to news of the world, I bet you've received millions in back handers and blackmail scams over the yrs involving high profile clubs and individuals.
    Be bold and brave and intelegent by telling your paying viewers who you rob week after week that its a shame that a club with a s*** reputation like millwall have been seriously let down by a handful of individuals again whilst they as a club are continuing to do all they can to eradicate the problem from FOOTBALL.


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